First steps towards an environmental blog, the Environmentalization

This blog is the product of our expanding portfolio of on-line courses in environmental engineering at Malardalen University in Sweden.

We are currently offering a range of courses on undergraduate and graduate levels, ranging from Introduction to environmental engineering to energy and natural resources, energy and climate, all on undergraduate level. On advanced level we offer courses in air quality management, biomass to energy, waste water management as well as short courses on circular economy, humanitarian engineering and sustainable consumption.

You can read more about the advanced level on-line courses here.

As the number of students applying to these courses increase, and we have created a rather large group of students that have taken our courses, we identified a need for a platform where we can exchange information and engage in discussions outside the formal course environment, involving students and practitioners in the field to keep in contact and to contribute to life long learning.

The focus of this site is on the subject of environmental engineering but touching on relevant aspects of energy systems and social sciences, as well as current affairs, as all these influence our environment. A special attention is given to the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and their impact on the global climate. We see this as one of our times biggest challenges and would therefore like to share information and knowledge about this, and by doing so, contribute to a better understand of what the issues are and what we can do about them, both as individuals and a society.

We hope you will find this site interesting and that it will bring you some new insights into the exciting world of environmental engineering and sustainable development.

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