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The Enviromentalization

The name of this site isThe Environmentalization, so what does that mean? The term environmentalization has been used to refer the process of production and internalization of the environmental issue in the different spheres of social and moral instructions of individuals as an ethos (Borges, 2015).

This term captures the core of this site, a platform where we present and discuss environmental issues in the context of the different spheres of society, in Sweden and the world.

We, Sebastian Schwede and Patrik Klintenberg are both lecturers in the subject of Environmental Engineering at Malardalen University in Sweden. Since 2016 we have developed several on-line courses on both undergraduate and graduate levels in this subject. With a growing number of students applying for these courses and a growing population of alumni, we see a need to provide a platform where current students, alumni and others in the sector can continue discussions and their learning, outside the formal course environment, contributing to collaboration and life long learning.


Borges, M.G., 2015. Environmentalization, in H. P. P. Gooren (ed.), Encyclopedia of Latin American Religions, DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-08956-0_24-1


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